Derya ZY9 B6
Derya ZY9 B6
Derya ZY9 B6
Model Derya ZY9
Code B6
Caliber 9mm
Capacity 14+1, 17+1
Barrel Length 15cm / 5.9" 
Weight 1,8 Kg
Stock Back Cover


The Derya ZY9, which is manufactured in a ligh but effective and ergonomically usable structure, was developed to meet the tactical requirements and use in close combats. It can fire 800 rounds per minute and has an effective range of 100 meters with a 5.9-inch barrel and 200 meters with a 10- inch barrel.


This 9x19mm firearm can be used in semi- automatic mode. It has an aluminum receiver and 22mm Picatinny rail which allows the installation of different equipments. It can also be used with a folding mechanical visor and an adjustable stock.