In today’s developing and evolving world, our talents and our biggest supporters, namely our dreams, are developing and changing as much as we do. As Derya Arms, we are proud of the research and development, design and machine-based production in our factory, which has had a total enclosed area of 30.000 m2 in the Beysehir region since 1998. It should be noted that our products, produced by encouraging our suppliers via bringing together world-class raw materials, equipment and qualified workforce, are exported after the most stringent quality control tests in our company and they successfully pass all kinds of quality and standardization tests of the countries they are sent to. In this way we market our high quality products worldwide and export 95 percent of our products to more than 65 countries.


DAXOS: DAXOS is produced with 7075 aluminium materials and defined as the two-way cocking lever system of arms. Being a high level reflection of Derya Arm’s design capability, Daxos is an important example of the “Dual Use” concept.

BUFFERBOLT: Bufferbolt has also resulted from a long term rigorous and elaborate R&D study. Here, a stopper system comes into play in the mechanism. Thus, the mechanism maintains its functionality without damaging the case.

POWERPULL: Powerpull is another system which offers a shooting comfort. It is possible to shoot more accurately and smoothly thanks to the specially designed gas-powered operating system being a concept fully particular to Derya Arms.



Our mission as Derya Arms is to contribute to the development of our domestic and national defense industry and to offer products that can compete in the international market to the world markets, by making flawless R&D, design and mass production, with a quality management approach in arms manufacturing and defense and aviation industry. Our vision is to become a sustainable global brand in the defense, aviation and weapon manufacturing sector that respects the environment and nature by creating a brand power within the framework of the “dual use” concept and with our design skills and total quality mindset.


As Derya Arms, we began this journey with endless excitement, we have continued to elevate our global goals by cementing our understanding of flawless production with high customer satisfaction.

We create added value for the economy of our country with a quality management approach, careful work, and cutting-edge technology as our principles that our company will pass on to the next generations. Currently, not only local consumers but also the whole world are showing great interest in the high-quality products that are manufactured in the Derya Arms factory.

We established a partnership with the ASELSAN Konya Weapon Systems facility, approved by the Presidential Decree, and started operating in the Konya Technology Industry Zone, via Konya Savunma Sanayii A.Ş. This type of partnership will add value to both us and our ecosystem. In addition, we come together with other companies in our ecosystem using a clustering approach and strive to work together on defense industry projects and pool our strengths. We value contact with the SSB and our most important integrator companies and apply to systems such as YETEN and EYDEP and try to fulfill the requirements.

As a brand, we obtain our strength from our customers. We increase our quality by adapting quickly to requirements, changing world conditions, and digital developments. We promise that we will maintain our leading position in the industry in the years to come, with everyone who shares the same enthusiasm as we do. We will continue to create unrivaled products, offer them in international markets, and maintain our place at the top on this path where we are not satisfied with success.

Derya Arms, which aims to improve the comprehensive understanding of quality from its management to its employees, from its suppliers to its authorized dealers, has embraced the principle of offering its customers the best product with the best pricing policy. We are regularly represented at all trade fairs around the world, especially in the USA, Germany, and Türkiye, which we see as an opportunity to increase our goals, meet the users of our products, and open up new markets with new models and product diversity.

As the Derya Arms arms industry, is based on the principles of high quality and low cost, while providing light weapons services for defense and hobby, it is necessary to comply with all relevant legal procedures, especially occupational health and safety, to provide specific conditions to our customers and to protect the environment while doing all these. It is our policy in line with integrated management systems to take precautions and contribute to the protection of the environment.